The story

More than a century of tradition



Our passion and expertise coming long time ago. During the early years of the last century Grandmother Rosa began our story.
She was a supreme chef and she used to cook her delights at parties and village feast. Among a thousand delights her ultimate was the “orzine”, as everybody says, Candy barley processed at high heat which proposed in broken cristal after being cast on a marble table. Her secrets and recipes have been handed down from father to son in succeeding generations up to the birth, in 1953, of Prodotti Chiellini firm, which therefore has a centenary experience. All over Italy candy barley is tradition, even though today they are hard to find, their name is changing from region to region, “Pierette” in the North East, “Cristalli D’Orzo” in the South, “Orzine” in Tuscany. All names, however, have been given to remind you the past flavor and wholesome that everyone wish to taste and that we continue to offer.


The processing that our candy needs is not for industry. You can only conceive it in a workshop where there is care and love about processing. The processing is still the traditional one through which candy are made by direct heat leaking and by careful control throughout the manufacturing process to ensure high quality. Thanks to this process, our product maintein all the flavors and wholesomeness property of ingredients that are natural without additives. Lately, using the same process, we make candy with strictly certified ingredients from organic farming.