New - Bio Gummy

  • Bio SmallFruits Gummy

    Our SmallFruits have a fresh and succulent taste. They contain a carrot, apple, pumpkin and blackcurrant concentrate.

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  • Bio Bears Gummy

    The irresistable simpathy of our little bears, a burst of orange, lemon, apple, carrot and blackcurrant concentrate.

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  • Bio Sugary Chopsticks

    A classic goody for all, a fruity flavor combined with a bit of frosty sugar.

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  • Bio Licorice Little Wheels

    Funny to unroll and bite, our little wheels contain a totally bio licorice juice.

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  • Bio Orange - Cola Lollipop

    In just one wrapping two sweet separeted tastes lollipops to indulge yourself.

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